Fantom Steam Cleaner Reviews

Fantom Steam Cleaner Reviews

Fantom steam cleaner reviews where we review the Fantom Handheld steamer and the Fantom SC925 Professional.

Fantom offers a wide range of steam cleaners which are capable of taking care of all your cleaning needs. They are also the producers of a wide array of vacuums and have a fair reputation within this industry.

The first Fantom steamer that we shall review is the Fantom Handheld Steam Cleaner. It is powered by a 1,000 watt heating element, has a 15’ power cord and comes with a host of attachments.

These attachments include a squeegee, nozzle concentrator, nylon brush, hose, measuring cup and funnel for filling the reservoir with water. This is a very simple and easy to use steam cleaner that you can use for a wide array of general purpose tasks.


In order to fill it up, all you need to do is unscrew the top and use the filter and measuring cup to pour water into the tank. It is recommended that you use filtered water as this will make your steamer last longer.

It takes a few minutes for the steamer to be ready, however the indicator light will let you know when it is. When you need to refill, it is important that you allow it at least 10 minutes to cool off. You also need to be careful when opening the reservoir as it is pressurized. The steam is activated and emitted by pressing down on the trigger at the top of the handle with your thumb.

The nozzle is great for use on a wide range of jobs and is great for cleaning flat surfaces like window sills or counters. Most consumers like that this Fantom steam cleaner cleans really well in comparison to other steamers. It is sturdy, the power cord is long enough and it is not very heavy. Best of all, it is chemical free.

Consumers did not like that the unit can be a bit noisy while steam cleaning, however this is a minor disadvantage.


The Fantom SC925 Professional

The Fantom SC925 Professional Steam Cleaner

Another Fantom steam cleaner that should be considered is the Fantom SC925 Professional steam cleaner. This is a canister type steam cleaner which is hitched on caster wheels to enable easy portability. It can steam clean and sanitize your home for as much as 3 hours at a time without needing to be refilled.

It is powered by a 1,550 watt heating element and has a maximum water capacity of 2.96 liters. It offers professional steam cleaning as you can clean using the power of steam and pressure. It offers 4.8 bars of pressure and is great for cleaning outdoor furniture, your patio, windows, counter tops, toilets and more.

It has a stainless steel boiler which is certain to last for many years. Every unit comes with numerous attachments which include: scrubbing pads, extension tubes, nylon brushes, squeegee a soap injector and more.

Consumers have found that this steamer is comparable to a professional grade steamer and is great for heavy duty cleaning. Considering that one of these will only cost you around $220 that is a steal of a deal.

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