Eureka Steam Cleaner Reviews: The Eureka Steam Mop & Other Models

Eureka Steam Cleaner Reviews:

The Eureka Steam Mop & Other Models

This Eureka steam cleaner review focuses on Eureka steam mops, mainly the 313A. This is the most popular and widely preferred steam mop. We also cover the Eureka Enviro Steamer 370 briefly.

The company Eureka, was created by Fred Wardell in 1909 which means that this company is a little more than a 100 years old! Fred named the company, Eureka because it means “I found it!” and he wanted to set the stage for innovation.

This is an environmentally friendly and focused company that is committed to creating cleaning technology that exceeds expectations. They mainly create vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and other home cleaning products.

Under the Eureka brand, other brands like Electrolux and Sanitaire were born.


Eureka Enviro 313A

This article covers Eureka steam cleaners, however Eureka has not produced many models. Let’s take a closer look:

Eureka Enviro 313A

Eureka Enviro 313A Enviro Steamer.

This is a steam mop and has a great 4 four star rating from over 700 reviewers. This is one of the highest rated steam mops available. It will in fact, make our list of best steam mops available.

The features include a swivel head which is a necessity for every steam mop. This makes it easy to clean around furniture and other objects. Additionally, steam just doesn’t come out of one hole at the bottom of the mop. There are steam vents to the side and front as well as bottom of steamer.

This neat feature allows you to clean the sides and edges of your wall and floor. The handle is very ergonomic, adjustable and you can even take the handle off so you can clean other surfaces.

The steam is heated at high temperatures up to 220 degrees, which is among the highest temperatures offered by similar mops. This allows you to sanitize your floors to ensure that bacteria and microorganisms are killed.

Unlike some other steamers this Eureka steam cleaner has continuous steam which means that steam is constantly produced and emitted and you don’t have to constantly push a trigger to let it out.

The cord length is at 25 feet, which is the longest cord length for a steam mop. This is a great feature as it allows you to clean with ease. Eureka surely knew what they were doing when they created this steam mop, as it is an improvement on a previous model.

Consumers absolutely love this steam mop and some of their reviews are as follows:


• Long power cord and even has a clip to keep the cord out of your way while cleaning.

• Lightweight but strong and the parts were of good quality.

• An interesting tip by a consumer says that you don’t have to buy replacement pads for this steamer! You can simply use a suitably sized towel and clip it on by both ends. This is a tip you can try out, but do so at your own risk and it is always best to buy the original pads.

• Short prep time at 3 minutes


• Some have found that the pads shrink when washed.

• You only get 15 minutes of cleaning time per fill.

Eureka 370A

The next Eureka steam cleaner we will look at is the Eureka 370A .

This is a canister type cleaner that sanitizes using only steam. It weighs about 8.5 lbs and has a 12 inch cleaning path.

Consumers like this machine because it is lightweight, easy to use, has multiple uses and has many attachments. It also has a HEPA filter and a dirt sensor as well as air filtration.

Eureka Enviro 370A

However some warn that this steamer should not be used for cleaning pet hair as it does not have the power to do so. Also, some wish that the cord was longer and the suction isn’t as strong as it should be.

It does leave behind some water residue; however most don’t see this as a huge issue. Some found that the build was not up to par and it requires a lot of maintenance. Some loved this steamer and found that it worked well and had great suction on corners.

As you can tell, there are conflicting reviews on this product from consumers.

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