Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner Reviews: We Look At Vapor Cleaners That Emit Dry Steam

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner Reviews:

We Look At Vapor Cleaners That Emit Dry Steam

We review the Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner and the best home vapor steam cleaner that is available. The dry vapour steam cleaner is different from other steamers because the composition of the steam is different.


How is Dry Steam different from Normal Steam?

Dry steam is the same as normal steam with the exception of a few properties:


First of all, it only contains 5-6% of water or moisture. Thus, it is “dry.”

It is also usually highly pressurized and this has many desirable effects:

  • Little to no wet residue is left behind when steam cleaning.
  • The particles of dry steam are usually smaller and as a result can reach into and clean small crevices to a higher degree of clean than traditional steamers.
  • Dry steam is maintained at a higher temperature and as a result, they have great sanitization and disinfecting power. Professional Dry vapor cleaners are usually used in hospitals, health institutions and other places where sanitation is extremely important.
  • You can safely steam clean many water sensitive materials like fabrics, appliances, mattresses, carpets etc.
  • Greater capability to kill bacteria, microorganisms, allergens, dust mites and other organisms. If you suffer from allergies, the vapor steam cleaner is certainly a God send.


The Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner is definitely more effective and more powerful than traditional steam cleaners. However, one thing to note, there are very few cheap dry vapor steam cleaners available.

These are high quality steamers and are used in the home, professionally and commercially. Because they deliver such huge value in terms of sanitation capability, they usually cost in the range of $299 +. This is a small price to pay for your health and well being.

The most affordable Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner is the Vapamore MR-100 Steamer.


Vapamore MR-100 Vapor Steam Cleaner

This steamer is currently available on Amazon at the specially discounted price of $299. The features include:

  • Steam flow rate control which allows you to control how much steam is emitted
  • 18 foot cord
  • 1500 Watts of power
  • Steam is produced at temperatures of 250°F
  • On board storage of accessories –>>
  • Accessories: steam gun, metal and nylon detail brushes, floor cleaning head and cover, clothes cover, nylon grout brush and more
  • 1 hour of cleaning time
  • 10 minute heat up required
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • 6 foot steam hose
  • Multi purpose: you can use it for almost anything: cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces, floors, grills, outdoor furniture, car engine, etc.

Vapamore MR100

Vapamore MR 100 Steam Cleaner


Consumer Reviews Of The Vapamore MR-100

Consumers particularly liked that the Vapamore has 10 steam jets which emit steam. This is a higher number of steam jets than other models like the Ladybug and Reliable Environmate.

This is an excellent machine to use at home as it works extremely well and cleans with ease and power. If you are looking for a commercial vapor cleaner, then the Ladybug line of steamers is recommended as they are more powerful and give you hours of cleaning time. They also cost more, from $999 + because of their features and capabilities.

The Vapamore reaches high temperatures which makes the dirt and gunk almost melt away. Consumers liked that it cleaned their tile and grout back to its original condition. It literally cleans everything and is the perfect all purpose dry vapor steamer for your home.

Order extra brushes in advance when you buy your Vapamore Steam Cleaner
since they have a limited lifetime because of the high heat and won’t last!


The Reliable Brio 250CC Steam Cleaner

This is another Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner that is relatively inexpensive at $299 in comparison to other dry vapor steamers. View its features below:

  • 1400 Watts of power.
  • The water tank is made from double-walled aluminum and takes 1.35 liters of water.
  • Pressure Controller which allows you to change the pressure.
  • The tip temperature reaches temperature of 245 degrees Fahrenheit and has a working pressure of 58 PSI. (4 bar)
  • There are 21 handy accessories for every task you can dream.

Consumer reviews of this machine indicate that it is an excellent high grade steamer. They’ve found that you can clean anything with this machine from counter tops, tile, grout, sinks, bathrooms, kitchen surfaces etc.

This steamer performs to expectations and beyond them. This steamer is for the person who wants a professional and deep clean. If you are particular about sanitation – this machine will deliver.

Reliable Brio 250CC Steam Cleaner,

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