Daimer Steam Cleaner: A Review Of Daimer Industries

Daimer Steam Cleaner:

A Review Of Daimer Industries

The Daimer steam cleaner is a heavy duty home and industrial cleaner. It offers strength, durability and environmentally friendly cleaning. Daimer steam cleaners are excellent tools to add to your arsenal of cleaning products.

Daimer is a green conscious company that produces a wide line of steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, floor buffers, scrubbers and pressure washers.  They also produce eco friendly green chemicals using innovative chemistry and technology.

They cater to a wide market including the home, industrial and commercial industries. Daimer is one of the market leaders when it comes to the green products revolution and they pride themselves as being one of the most green and environmentally conscious companies worldwide.

They offer a wide line of steam cleaners which they have branded as KleenJet.


The models that they offer include:

—Kleenjet Pro Plus 200S

—Kleenjet Pro Plus 300S

—Kleenjet Ultra 1500C

—Kleenjet Mega 500V

—Kleenjet Mega 1000CV

—Kleenjet Supreme 3000CV

—Kleenjet Ultra 5000CV

Currently, Daimer is offering a special where they have a 30% discount on specific steamers. This is a time limited special offer, so by the time you read this it may not still be valid. The only way to know is to check their site if you are serious about purchasing one.

Daimer Steam Cleaner


Kleenjet Pro Plus 200S

This Daimer steam cleaner is a commercial and home grade steam cleaner and will cost you between $848 and $1120 depending on whether any special offers are available. It allows you fine control via its variable pressure control and can create a steam pressure of up to 75 psi.

The steam can reach very high temperatures of 310°F which works well to remove dirt and dissolve grease. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up and is powered by a 1600 watt heater. The boiler is stainless steel and the steamer weighs a sturdy 23 lbs.

If you order one of these only you get an 5 microfiber towels which are excellent for cleaning spills and messes.


Kleenjet Ultra 1500C

This is a steam cleaner with that offers a unique feature – a self regulating continuous refill. It can generate steam pressure up to 89 psi and temperatures up to 320 ºF. Besides using only steam, you can also use cleaning detergent as well since it has a 4 liter detergent chamber.

This is a very powerful machine that should be purchased if you need a high capacity machine with robust cleaning ability. Each of these units comes with many attachments which include: a detachable steam hose, triangular brush, floor brush, squeegee, nylon and brass detailed brushes, scraper, plunger, steel wool pad and microfiber towels.


Kleenjet Supreme 3000CV

This commercial Daimer steam cleaner costs between $3,496 and $4,994 however it has new technology and features that are worth it. These technologies include a HEPA filter, wet vacuum cleaner, dry vacuum cleaner and air purification.

The size of the HEPA filter is 3 microns which offers great protection against bacteria and allergens. The air purification element is excellent for improving air quality and removing pollutants.

Besides the above features, it offers pressure levels that can reach up to 110 psi and temperatures up to 349ºF. It is important to note, that while these steamers are powerful green cleaning agents, they should not be used in all instances. You should not use them to clean carbon build up or carbonized grease or for cleaning industrial equipment and machinery.

You can buy the Daimer steam cleaners directly from the Daimer website.

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