Conair Steam Cleaner Reviews: The Conair SC20, SC10 & SC11L

Conair Steam Cleaner Reviews:

The Conair SC20, SC10 & SC11L

Conair steam cleaner reviews. We cover the SC20, SC10 and SC11L models in this article and look at both the pros and cons of each steam cleaner.

The company Conair manufactures and sells a wide array of products such as health and beauty products as well as small appliances. It was founded in 1959 and has earned a top spot when it comes to respected brands for cookware and other small kitchen appliances.

Their headquarters are located in New Jersey and their main sales and marketing office is in Stamford, Connecticut.

This article discusses a few models of Conair steam cleaners which include:


—The Conair SC20

—The Conair SC10

—The Conair SC11L

The Conair SC20 Steam Cleaner

This neat steamer is capable of steam cleaning a wide array of surfaces. It can easily clear away the dirt, grime and dust from your bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

This steamer doesn’t use harsh chemicals as the steam is perfectly heated to sanitize and clean surfaces which include tile, glass, countertops and even your grill. This steam cleaner is however not intended for heavy duty steam cleaning and is not suited to cleaning your carpets or floors.

The features of this Conair steam cleaner include a 1,500 Watt heating element and a 10 foot power cord. It has indicators for both power and steam and has numerous attachments: 4 brushes (brass, nylon and upholstery), scraper, squeegee, concentrator nozzle, cloth brush covers and an extension wand.

The consumer’s reviews of this model indicate that they like that you don’t have to pump a trigger to generate steam. It produces a continuous stream of steam almost instantly. Even though this machine was not meant to clean whole carpets, it does great for spot and stain cleaning.

However, you should be aware that it does not work like a vacuum and will not extract the remaining water from your sofa or carpet. Some consumers also wished that the power cord was a little longer to aide portability.

The Conair SC10 Steam Cleaner

This Conair steam cleaner is a neat hand held steam cleaner that fits snugly in the palm of your hands. Like the SC20, it provides continuous steam without any need to pump. This hand held steamer is great for cleaning all around the home as it can be used for limitless cleaning purposes.

It sports a 1,500 Watt heating element and has an 11 foot power cord. It comes with 5 attachments: extension with squeegee which is great for fabric or furniture steam cleaning, nozzle, 2 scrubbers and a scraper. The attachments are easy to use and are even easier to switch.

The consumer’s verdict on this steamer is that it is a decent hand held steamer but they dislike that it’s a bit bottom heavy. The bottom of the steamer is bulky as oppose to the top which makes holding it for extended periods of time a bit uncomfortable.

The Conair SC11L Steam Cleaner

This is another hand held steam cleaner which uses both steam and cleaning solution. You can clean with steam alone or with steam and Lysol cleaning solution.

It has a 1,500 watt heating element which makes it powerful enough to steam through layers of grime and dirt. Like the other steam cleaners by Conair it also provides continuous steam without the need to pump.

Consumers liked that this hand held cleaner was able to clean all of their stains and spots around their home. However, many consumers expressed that they did not like it as it did not produce enough steam and was bulky. Many expressed that the performance of this steamer was disappointing and as a result don’t recommend it.

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