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Commercial Steam Cleaners & Industrial Steam Cleaners – Heavy Duty Cleaning

Commercial Steam Cleaners &
Industrial Steam Cleaners:

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Unlike residential-grade steam cleaners, commercial steam cleaners and industrial steam cleaners have enough power to deal with the toughest stains and perform heavy-duty applications.

Over the years, more and more businesses, building owners and industrial company managers are recognizing the advantages of commercial steam cleaning over regular vacuuming.

Let’s take a typical floor cleaning job as an example. When you utilize a typical vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt and grime off your carpeted floors, it does a pretty good job of eliminating the superficial particles.

Steam cleaning tools, on the other hand, can get rid of the deeply embedded dirt, grime, mites and allergens from the fibers of the carpet. The use of superheated steam is what enables steam cleaners to go beyond the superficial dirt and grime while killing bacteria in the process.


If a residential grade steam cleaner can provide such benefits when used in cleaning homes, just imagine how much more beneficial it is if businesses will be using commercial steam cleaners or industrial steam cleaners.


Why Businesses Need Commercial Steam Cleaners

The possibilities of where you can use commercial steam cleaning are practically endless. To give you an idea about just how versatile this cleaning equipment is, take a look at the following list.

Commercial steam cleaners can be used:

  • To steam clean the ovens and racks of kitchens in hotels, apartment buildings and offices.
  • To steam clean the bedding and mattresses in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.
  • To steam clean carpets and upholstery in buildings and offices.
  • To get rid of floor grease in kitchens.
  • To remove unsightly hardened gum from surfaces.
  • To pressure wash cars.
  • To clean air ducts.

Commericial Steam Cleaners

Meanwhile, these cleaners can be used for a variety of applications including paint preparation, power coating pre-treatment, chemical conservation, water or fuel conservation, chemical injection and extra heavy-duty cleaning applications.

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for commercial steam cleaners and industrial steam cleaners. It is no wonder why over the years, they have become a necessity for most business establishments that can be practically used for a variety of purposes.


What Makes Heavy-Duty Type Steam Cleaners Different from Residential Steam Cleaners?

Now, what are the features which make heavy duty steam cleaners a cut above the residential steam cleaning systems in the market today? Even when you compare a high-end residential steam cleaning equipment with a basic heavy duty steam cleaner, you are bound to see a lot of difference when it comes to the features.

For instance, both industrial and commercial cleaners usually have higher temperature and pressure levels than the residential steam cleaning equipments. The higher temperature and pressure level means that they have a more efficient and quicker steam cleaning system for heavy-duty applications.

Commercial and industrial steam cleaners also have added features like continuous refill, larger refill chambers, more steam density, as well as filter and water filtration systems.


Nothing but the Best:
The Top Commercial & Industrial Steam Cleaners in the Market Today

After learning about the multitude of uses that commercial steam cleaners and industrial steam cleaners have, which models are considered to be the best in the industry?

The KleenJet Ultra 8500CV Industrial-Grade Steam Cleaner

It is capable of producing five times the steam produced by a 1600-Watt model. As mentioned earlier, industrial steam cleaners which are capable of producing higher steam and pressure are more efficient and can be used almost non-stop for industrial applications.

KleenJet Ultra 5000CV

The Kleenjet Supreme 3000CV Commercial-Grade Steam Cleaner

It’s one of the world’s most powerful 120-Volt commercial steam cleaning machine which has a large recovery tank, has optional chewing gum removal tools and a larger recovery tank.

If you have a large house and you would like to take advantage of the better, more heavy-duty cleaning features of commercial steam cleaners, you can definitely purchase them over the residential-grade models.

All in all, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, what’s important is to choose a steam cleaner which can perform heavy-duty applications in a fast, efficient and thorough way.

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