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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity: A Look At Some Popular Options

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity:

A Look At Some Popular Options

A comprehensive list of commercial cleaning franchise opportunities that is currently available to the public which includes specialized commercial cleaning equipment.

You are here because you’re interested in franchising, specifically Janitorial Franchises.

There are many steps before becoming the owner of a successful commercial cleaning company, the first step is finding a franchise company where the start up is one that you can afford.

A few Popular Cleaning & Maintenance Franchises:

Commercial Cleaning Franchise


There are many, many, many more commercial cleaning franchises. Which leads to the next question, which ones are within your reach?

Below is a table which shows the initial and total investment required to open each of the specified cleaning business.

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner $103,690-$250,325 $20,000 7% 20 years
Chem-dry $56,495–161,957 $23,500 $400.98/mo. 5 years
Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning $42,143 $35,900 $295/mo+
Merry Maids $56,450-$166,350 $36,500 7%+ 5 years
Molly Maid $89,200 $14,900 3–6½% 10 years
Maid Brigade $85,000-$125,000 $25,000 3.5-6.9% 10 years
Mint Condition Franchise $4,900-$45,400 $1,000 9% 10 years
Servpro $156,075-$209,950 $46,000 3-10% 5 years
Jani-King $20,431-$33,000 $16,750 10% 20 years

From the above, the company with the lowest start up cost, investment and business maintenance is Mint Condition Franchise. However, the downfall of this franchise is its relatively high royalty fee of 9%. This franchise was founded in 1996 and the company’s office is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Another company which offers a low start up cost is Jani-King. However, their royalty fee is the highest at 10%. A trend is definitely emerging where the companies that have relatively low fees, tend to have higher royalty fees or terms of agreement.

Jani-King was established in 1969 and started franchising in 1874. There are currently more than 10,000 Jani-King Franchise holders all over the world and are ranked #1 in the commercial cleaning business.

Their focus is on commercial office cleaning, healthcare institutions, retail businesses, educational institutions and more. This franchise has been named one of the top franchise businesses of 2010.

Despite these impressive stats, there are quite a few cases of negative reviews by franchise owners, and I would definitely suggest you carefully review this company and the risks involved before starting.

If you are not short on capital, another good option is Stanley Steemers. They are one of the most well known and respected brands that we have all grown up hearing about. That makes this company full of potential for would be investors.

It was founded in 1947 and started franchising in 1972 and still holds the same entrepreneurial spirit that has been its trademark from the beginning.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Commercial Cleaning Franchise

• Remember that you should be offered a proven business system/model that works and not just the right to sell that company’s products.

• You are not an employee, you are a business owner!

• Make sure and read through the entire contract and even consider hiring a lawyer to “decode” if necessary. You certainly don’t want any surprises 5 years down the road.

• Don’t be shy. Make sure and ask bold questions that they should know. For example:

How long does the average franchise take to make a profit?
What are some of the downsides of the training program?
What is your franchisee failure rate?

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