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Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental Services

Carpet Steam Cleaner
Rental Services

An in depth look at carpet steam cleaner rental services and carpet steam vacuum cleaner rentals. Providing you with the best options if you want to rent a carpet steam cleaner.

In order to rent a carpet steam cleaner, you have to know where you can rent one according to your location. Renting the correct carpet cleaning equipment is dependent on your needs, the type of carpeting, flooring, area to be cleaned etc.

You also have to be wary of the type of carpet shampoo you use and whether you do want to shampoo your rugs and carpets since there are some advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Where can you rent a Carpet Steam Cleaner Machine?


The Rug Doctor:
Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental Option #1

Why trust Rug Doctor? They are the holders of the prestigious Gold certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). This means they were found to have an extremely high standard and professional grade cleaning system.

They offer two main machines, the Mighty Pro® and the Wide Track®, where the Wide Track® has a wider cleaning path to enable you to clean a much larger space easily.

They even provide cleaning solutions according to what types of dirt, stains and areas you wish to clean. For example, they have a spot and stain remover, a solution for high traffic area treatment, upholstery cleaner solution, an odor remover, urine eliminator, Oxy steam and many more products designed specifically to treat all of your common cleaning issues.

Rug Doctor Reviews

These can be food stains, outdoor stains, oil based stains as well as if you need to clean high traffic areas like carpeted stairs. The Rug Doctor can be rented for a low price of $24.99 for one day! This option allows you professional grade cleaning without the professional price.

With so many raving reviews, what are the cons of this service?

• It’s a bit heavy, even with the wheels, so ladies may need some assistance lugging one of these into and around the home.

• Work- Of course, you have to use the machine to clean all of the rooms/ areas. This isn’t a professional service where someone else comes and does the cleaning for you. However the Steam doctor machines clean at such a professional grade – it’s like a professional cleaning without the professionals. 😉

Location: Where can you rent one of these amazing carpet cleaning machines?

Check their Rug Doctor Store Locator to find one that is closest to you. They have numerous locations (approx 33,000) throughout the United States as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Stanley Steemer: A Full Service Carpet Cleaner Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental Option #2

Stanley steam cleaners : the name and brand that is synonymous in households for carpet cleaning.

This is one of the highest rated professional cleaning services that provide cleaning services not only for carpets but also tile and grout cleaning, furniture, leather, area rugs, auto, boats, RV’s, water damage restoration, air duct cleaning, hardwood floor refinishing and more.

Good Points

• Excellent job, great reviews on the quality of their cleaning service

• They stick to their quoted price

Bad Points

• Some customers have reported that they have had negative experiences with their staff

• Telemarketing can become a bit annoying as they follow up a lot.

They are currently offering a $99 special and while it is a bit costly, if you want to hire a service that have been around for decades and have proven quality of service, then you should consider Stanly Steemers.

Sears Carpet Cleaning Professional Services:
Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental Option #3

Sears Carpet Cleaning services have won the Good housekeeping award and are also the holders of the Platinum seal from the Carpet Institute which is their highest award.

Their method of cleaning involves spraying a specially heated solution into the carpet to loosen embedded dirt and then a powerful extraction with a special pH rinse to remove the dirt and the cleaning solution.

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