Tips To Buy A Sauna & 4 Person Sauna Reviews

Tips To Buy A Sauna

4 Person Sauna Reviews

A review of how to buy a sauna and our review of a 4 person sauna. This article will help you determine the best types and components of your own sauna.

Deciding to purchase or build a sauna is a big decision. Deciding on the details of that sauna while keeping in mind your budget takes a lot of research.

Why research? Well I know why I did it – because I wanted to get the very best sauna while staying within my budget when I wanted to buy a sauna.

You can buy a sauna from as low as $1,000 to as much as $10,000.


4 Persons Sauna

My job here is to help you get the very best sauna based on features, customer reviews, cost and a bit of know-how.

Why buy a 4 person sauna? Well it is one of the larger sizes available (there are also 1, 2 and 3 person saunas) which make it pretty spacious. In my personal view, why buy a sauna that is small when I can buy a sauna that is larger for the same price or just a little more?

Another reason of course, is if you have a large family or would like to entertain friends and guests in your sauna.

Even if you don’t have a large family or are not considering entertaining guests, a larger sauna means having a larger space for yourself to relax.

Saunas which were built for 4 persons are at least 70 inches wide but are usually larger. This gives you the space to lie down on the bench and fully relax and enjoy the sauna experience.

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Types Of Saunas You Can Choose:

If you did a search on saunas in Amazon, or looked for manufacturers of prefabricated saunas, things start to become confusing very quickly.

There are so many types of saunas that use different types of wood and heating mechanisms … how on earth do you choose? Or even figure out the differences? Don’t worry about it: we have all the explanations here.

At the very basic level (which you probably know), there are two types of saunas: traditional saunas and Infrared saunas.

The traditional saunas use stoves and heated rocks to produce steam. They are built like the original Finnish saunas and is a more traditional approach to steam bathing.

Infrared saunas on the other hand, do not produce any steam and use different types of heaters to produce infrared light which heats your skin directly.

This causes you to sweat and even though it does not use steam, you sweat about 2-3 times more than you would in a traditional sauna.

There are many pros, cons and arguments where folks debate on which one is better and which ones they prefer. You can of course check out our other articles on saunas to get more information on the two types so you can decide for yourself.

Once you’ve decided on which type you want, you now have to familiarize yourself with the different heating elements available in each before you even decide to buy a sauna.

Features of Infrared Saunas:

There are different types of heaters used in infrared saunas, so we will look at each type.

The first type of heater is the ceramic infrared heater. This is the most popular type of heater that is used and you will find many 4 person saunas that use this type of heating.

Ceramic Infrared Heater Features:

• Take longer than most other heaters to increase the temperature of a sauna,

• Cheaper but is more fragile,

• No open flame, so it is very safe,

• Efficient,

• Easy to maintain,

The second type of heater that is used is the Carbon fiber infrared heater.

Carbon Fiber Infrared Heater Features:

• Less fragile than ceramic,

• Will increase the temperatures faster in your sauna than ceramic heaters,

• It is more expensive,

• Highly efficient which causes a low percentage of energy loss. You save about 30-50% energy.

Now you are better able to decide on which type of heater is better and thus narrow down the range of saunas. However, keep in mind that carbon fiber powered saunas are not always more expensive than ceramic heated types.

Cost is also is also affected by the quantity and arrangement of these heaters in each individual sauna.

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Our Recommended 4 Person Sauna

With this type of heater it is not the only element that determines cost but also type of wood used, features available and size. If you’re thinking that you will have to spend thousands of dollars on your sauna, think again.

Our Pick For The Best Most Affordable 4 Person Carbon Fiber Infrared Sauna is the:

The 4 Person Corner Infrared Sauna by Under the Sun Saunas

This sauna costs just over $2,000 and is simply a beauty. The prize may vary, click here to check the latest prize.

It is easy to construct and its measurements are: Exterior Dimensions: 59x 25″ x 47″ x 75″ H and the Interior Dimensions: 57″ Back Walls x 23″ short side front x 45″ front x 72″ H

This Sauna 4 person sauna comes with many great functional features which include:

• 6 Carbon Fiber Far Infrared heaters (4 on the back walls and 2 under the bench)

• Hemlock wood was used in the construction (double wall) and it was not manufactured using particle board or veneer which adds to the quality. Hemlock is a good wood for saunas because it is a hard wood and is resistant to mildew.

• Digital Control panels  

  • It takes approximately 10 minutes to warm up. It can reach temperatures between 77F – 140F,

• Outputs 2,000 watts,

• Easy to put together – will take 2 people between one to two hours.

Other Luxury Features Include:

• Each unit has an oxygen ionizer, magazine rack and towel rack,

• CD music player, radio and speakers,

• Chromo therapy (differently colored lights which aide relaxation)

The consumer reviews of this sauna have indicated great satisfaction with the quality and build of this sauna. Do note that this sauna comes with interior but not exterior controls.

Another factor to note is that this sauna requires a higher rated breaker and wire (one that exceeds the usual 15 amps.)

You can still use it with your regular outlet, however you’d have to use it on the low setting to prevent the breaker from tripping. It is recommended that you hire an electrician to install a higher rated breaker and wiring.

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