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Building A Steam Shower: Your Steam Shower Construction Guide

Building A Steam Shower:

Your Steam Shower Construction Guide

Building a steam shower – How to build a steam shower and the necessary precautions you need to take.

The use of a steam shower has been medically proven to reduce stress, promote skin health and detoxify your body over time.

It can also be used to help sufferers of sinus as the steam clears your nasal passages and soothes respiratory issues.

Building a steam shower


The use of any steam treatment can help you to cope with these health issues including the use of steam rooms, steam baths, sauna etc.

The cost of steam showers may be a deterrent to some, however owning one does not mean you have to buy one. We shall cover some tips, instruction and ideas to get started in building your own steam shower.

There are some common issues you should get acquainted with first before you get started. Understanding the obstacles you will face, will enable you to solve the problem before it is created.

I am sure you don’t want to have to backtrack and fix mistakes in the future!

Building A Steam Shower
Common Issues To Take Note Of

  • Steam and water damage
    Since you are building a steam room, one of the most important issues you will face is ensuring that the steam does not escape its enclosure. If it does, the steam will condense to water and wreck havoc in your bathroom. It will damage your floor, walls, paint and wallpaper. It will increase the likelihood of fungus and bacteria growing in your bathroom which may lead to you or your family developing respiratory diseases. When building a steam shower ensure that your enclosure is completely steam and water proofed to provide an excellent vapor barrier.
  • Condensation Issues
    As steam condenses in the steam room it turns to water. If your ceiling is not sloped, the water will fall on you. This is definitely not a pleasant experience and something you can avoid! Ensure that when building the ceiling of the steam room is not flat, instead you can make it slope diagonally or curved.
  • Waterproofing
    The materials covering the inside of your steam shower (wall and ceiling) must be water proof. Suggested materials include tile, ceramic, slate, granite, fiberglass or limestone.
  • The doors
    The door must be carefully measured and made to custom fit the opening of your steam shower. The dimensions should be measured so that it fits exactly when closed to ensure that the room is completely sealed. This is to ensure there is absolutely no steam leakage. Make sure that the door is of the highest quality and that all joints and connections are sealed using silicone. Glass is usually the choice material when choosing a door since it is naturally water resistant.

Building A Steam Shower – Instructions

The first step to building a steam shower is of course deciding the best location for your steam shower and its size. Keep in mind how many people you want to comfortably hold in the room.

It’s best to build a shower to hold at least two people even if you’re building it only for yourself to allow adequate breathing room.

Allow for at least 5 square feet for each additional person you want to be able to fit in the room.

The next step is building the foundation of your shower steam unit. Use cement or concrete to make a solid foundation and then use tile on top to ensure that it is completely waterproofed.

Then, build the frame of your shower enclosure. You can use treated lumber or red wood to build the frame if you intend to make your interior tile. It is important that the wood be water resistant.

Ensure that your ceiling is sloped and covered in a water proof material (tile is an excellent choice). Also ensure that the door completely seals the room upon closing and don’t forget to ensure you have a ventilation system in place.

Installing the plumbing and electrical should be outsourced to a professional if this isn’t your specialty. You can install your choice of shower heads, jets and other features.

Then you have to install the steam shower generator, after all what is a steam shower without a steam generator.

Buying and installing one of these requires you to get professional advice since you have to buy a generator that is best for your steam shower size.

The warranty on the generator can become null and void if you don’t hire a professional to install it.

The last step involves installing peripherals including benches, shelves and other accessories.

These are of course general guidelines to follow and you should involve help when and where necessary.

If you don’t want to build your own steam shower spa, then you can always buy a steam shower kit which is quite simple to install.

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