Bissell Stick Vacuum Reviews:

We review the best Bissell stick vacuum with your needs and budget in mind. One of the models we will be paying attention to is the Bissell 3106a featherweight lightweight vacuum among others.

This lightweight vacuum is the epitome of convenience and ease. It is light weight, small, easy to store and is great for cleaning everyday messes on both carpets and hard floors.

Besides being incredibly convenient, it is also very affordable with most of these vacuums costing in the range of $19.99 to $99.99.

The most popular Stick Vacuum is the Featherweight line, so we shall now look at the best models in this category.

The Bissell 3106a
Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum

Bissell 3106a Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum

This is the highest consumer rated stick vacuum available with a 4/5 star rating from over 400 customers. You can purchase one of these for around $38 and the features are as follows:

  • Versatile 2 in 1 design. This vacuum can function as both a floor/carpet vacuum as well as convert into a hand vacuum. The hand vacuum also has a crevice tool to clean in tight spaces,
  • Bagless technology,
  • Ergonomically designed for an easy grip,
  • Great to use on carpets, upholstery, drapery, bare floors and more,
  • The dirt collection cup contains a washable and reusable cloth filter,
  • Weighs only 3 ½ lbs.

What consumers said:

The consumer reviews of this Bissell stick vacuum indicate that this is simply a “must-have” machine as it is great for people who only want to clean with their heavy duty vacuum once per week or less.

The convenience and ease of use makes this stick vac extremely helpful in combating a messy home without breaking much of a sweat.

Many consumers liked that even though it is a great lightweight vacuum, the price makes this a huge deal at only $38.

It picks up dust, pet hair and light debris quite easily, but heavyweight work shouldn’t be expected from this stick vac or any other featherweight vacuum.

It should be noted that the other feather weight stick vacuums have almost identical features, but have lower ratings even if they might be slightly cheaper.

So if you’re looking for a light weight vacuum, the Bissell 3106a Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum is our recommendation.

The Bissell 3 in 1 Vacuum

Bissell 3 in 1 Vacuum

This machine is well known for its ability to perform a wide range of functions as indicated by its name. It is capable of being a floor vacuum that can clean carpets, bare floors, upholstery etc. It can also be used as a hand vacuum and the crevice tool that can easily reach into hard to reach area makes it a perfect 3 in 1 cleaner.

It can also convert into a hand held vacuum that you can use to clean small spaces.

Customers have found that this vacuum has excellent suction power and is surprisingly lightweight at just under 4 lbs.

It is extremely easy to put together and very simple to use.

The filter is reusable and you can also purchase new filters at an extremely affordable price.

This is an ideal replacement for your broom and at $25, is definitely a great deal.

Need A More Substantial Vacuum That Isn’t A Heavyweight But More Powerful Than Featherweights?

If you want a more powerful Bissell stick vacuum then the best solution to your problem is the Bissell PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum, 81L2-2.

The Bissell PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum, 81L2-2

This powerful yet light vacuum is exactly what you need at an affordable price of around $75. The features include:

Bissell 3 in 1 Vacuum

  • Innovative V shape and well designed to reach even the tightest spaces,
  • Unlike featherweights, this vacuum can handle large debris due to its funneling capability,
  • Swivel head for better maneuverability,
  • 13 inch cleaning path,
  • Bagless technology- dirt collects in a container with reusable filter,
  • 19 foot power cord,
  • 1 year warranty.

What consumers said

Consumers and clean freaks simply loved this lightweight vacuum because it provides powerful cleaning in a small package for an unbelievable price.

It works great to vacuum pet hair and numerous consumers appreciated the fact that it is bag-less.

Also, it doesn’t have a roller to the bottom which is great as hair and other messes don’t get caught up in it which is good for those who hate cleaning out rollers.

Some found that the cord is a little too short; however this is a minor quibble as you can easily use an extension cord.

Overall, this is an excellent machine that is powerful and extremely affordable.

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