Bissell Quicksteamer: Bissell Quick Steamer Reviews Including The Bissell 2080

Bissell Quicksteamer

The Bissell 2080 and 1770 Review

We review the Bissell Quicksteamer by analyzing consumer reviews, features, affordability and ratings. All of this in an effort to help you get the best value for your buck and the best steamer possible.

We will look at the Bissell 1770 and 2080 models which are the highest rated and offer the most value.

Bissell’s line of Quick Steamers is known worldwide by homeowners. These machines are capable of deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery while being lightweight and easy to use.

The first machine we’ll look at is the most recommended model as it has the highest reviews and the best features.


The Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner 20803

(Not available for sale anymore)

This steamer has 4 out of 5 star rating from over 190 customer reviews. It will cost you below $100 and the features are as follows:

  • Upright deep cleaner,
  • 4 amp motor, 8 ½ inch cleaning path, 20 foot power cord, 12 lbs weight,
  • Dual tank system: one tank ( ½ gallon) holds cleaning solution and water and the other tank collects the dirty water,
  • Ergonomic grip which is easy on your wrists,
  • Patented DirtLifter Powerbrushes that scrub your carpets to remove dirt and grime,
  • Large wheels which makes mobility extremely easy.

What consumers said:

Since the most important review of any product are what real customers have to say, we’ll dive into these immediately.

Consumers liked that this is a powerful yet lightweight cleaner that gives carpets a very professional clean.

Many users who have indoor pets found that this Bissell quicksteamer performed extremely well in cleaning pet urine, vomit and poop stains.

Consumers were left very impressed with the capabilities of this carpet cleaner and loved that carrying it up stairs is a breeze.

The only negative few customers had to say about this machine, is that when you need to clean extra large spaces, you’ll probably have to clear the filter and fill the reservoirs another time.

Overall, at around $150, the Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush Deep Carpet Cleaner 2080 is a great deal.

Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner 2080

The Bissell QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner 1770

(Not available for sale anymore)

This Bissell is another highly rated model and has earned a 4 star rating from over 113 customer reviews. It is very affordable at around $105.

Bissell QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner 1770

It offers quick and easy carpet and rug cleaning and is great for regular use in the home.

If your carpets get a lot of traffic and are prone to spots, spills and stains, then you should consider this deep cleaner.

It is designed with 6 rows of brushes which comb and pull dirt out from your carpet’s fibers. The 3 amp motor is less powerful than the Bissell 2080 but it still does a good job of cleaning those carpets.

This model is very similar to the model reviewed above but what really set them apart are the consumer ratings.

Consumers liked that this machine is very easy to clean with and cleaning it is also very easy.

It does a good job of suctioning dirt from out your carpets, but unlike the 2080 model, the brushes don’t spin. The water reservoir is a bit small and if you’re cleaning a large room, you will have to refill a few times.

The size is a huge plus; it is quite small which makes storage easy. You can simply place it in a corner or even under a table.

Overall, this is a good carpet cleaner for light to medium cleaning tasks and if you’re on a tight budget, then this is the steamer for you.

Bissell Quicksteamer Purple 2090

The Bissell QuickSteamer Purple 2090 have all the features that made the QuickSteamer models popular and is still available for sale.

Click on it’s image to have a closer look.

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