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Bissell Quick Steamer models Review

Bissell Quick Steamer models Review

Bissell Quick Steamer

The Bissell Quick steamer is an upright multi-surface cleaner that can be used to clean carpets as well as hard floors. It is small, light weight and very maneuverable. It can easily be carried up and down stairs and takes up very little storage space.

If you want ease of use for quickly cleaning those spills, animal accidents and spots that require immediate attention and general upkeep of already cleanish floors, this is the machine for you.

Without bells and whistles to hamper your Bissell Quick Steamer can be stored ready for use for you need it next time.


Read the Bissell Quicksteamer review below:



  • Will clean carpets as well as hard floors making it a very useful multi-surface cleaner.
  • 6 rows of cross action brushes and nozzle that can easily be removed to be cleaned.
  • Two separate half gallon tanks to accommodate the cleaning solution and storing the dirty water.
  • Very lightweight at between 13-19 lbs. (depending on the model)
  • Handy on/off switch that you control with your foot.
  • Very easy to maneuver because of the big wheels, narrow 9 inch path and light weight.
  • The motor has a 3-amp power rating.
  • 20 feet electric cord.


Before you start

Before taking your Bissell Quick steamer for a test-drive it’s a good idea to do a few preparations to make the cleaning process easier:

Hard floors: Sweep your floors beforehand to avoid plugging the suction strip of your Bissell Quick Steamer since the suction strip is narrow and not made to accommodate bigger objects.

Carpets: Vacuum your carpets before using your Bissell Quick Steamer on it.

When dealing with heavy trafficked and heavily soiled areas it is a good idea to pre-treat with a spot cleaner first. You will get much better results if you treat the difficult bits first with a spot cleaner and brush, let it sit for a while and then move in with your Bissell.


Water canisters

Bissell Quick Steam rear view

The Bissell Quicksteamer has two canisters or water tanks that are transparent and very easy to handle.

The top tank stores the water and cleaning solution and the bottom tank collects the dirty water that is sucked from the carpet or hard floor. Both tanks take a half gallon of liquid.

Being transparent makes it very easy to see how much cleaning solution you are using as you go along and when you need to empty the bottom tank.

Both tanks are a breeze to remove and slip easily back into place. It is a good idea to practice taking the bottom tank out before using it.

It has an opening at the top to accommodate foam and it tends to spill if you are not careful when taking it out. It is very easy to do but you need to get the feel for it – so practice a bit beforehand.

It is recommended that you use warm water from a tap but not boiling water in your Bissell Quick Steamer.



The Bissell Quick Steamer has six rows of cross action stationary brushes that lightly brush your carpet as you move the machine backwards and forwards. Don’t expect a deep clean but it does a great job at general upkeep and surface cleaning.

It is very easy to take the brushes out and rinse them under the tap for a good cleaning. If you have animals be prepared to be surprised at the amount of pet hair you’ll find in the brushes when cleaning them after use.

If you prefer moving brushes for a more thorough scrub take note that the Bissell Quicksteamer PowerBrush Multi Surface Deep Cleaner model has rotating brushes at a slightly higher price than the regular Quicksteamer.

Bissell Quick Steamer Brushes

Electric cord

Some consumers complained that the cord is not long enough at 20ft. You’ll will need to use an extension cord to reach the other side of the room if you are cleaning a bigger size room or don’t have access to an electric socket that far away.

The cord is located at the right hand side of the handle and it can get in the way when you need to press the release trigger for the cleaning solution or when maneuvering the Bissell Quick Steamer backwards and forwards. However, it works great for people who are left-handed!



Most consumers reported being very happy with their machines, keeping in mind that it does best with light duty cleaning jobs and maintaining relatively clean floors.

Being lightweight and upright makes it is easy to carry up stairs and will take up very little storing space. The Bissell Quick Steamer is easy to maneuver and will fit into tight spots and is just the right size for cleaning stairs.

It is ideal for quick cleanups because it is so easy and quick to set up. There is no need to fiddle with attachments and to struggle to get things to fit.

Bissell Quick Steamer in action

Using it is simple. Water mixed with cleaning solution is released when pushing the release trigger when pushing the machine forward. On pulling the machine back the now dirty water is sucked into the bottom tank.

Consumers were mostly satisfied with its performance when cleaning carpets and especially with the clean fresh smell afterwards. Carpets looked clean and dried within 3-4 hours.

Cleaning up after use

Something that several consumers mentioned is that it is important to rinse the bottom canister/tank that contains the dirty water very thoroughly after use to prevent the dirt from setting and then hardening.

Giving it a quick rinsing after use is easy enough to do to prevent the hassle of having to scrub it at a later stage.

Cleaning the brushes and bottom of the machine is also a good idea. Some uses reported that the Bissell Quick Steamer is so light that they tipped it on its side and rinsed the bottom part under a tap.


Handy Tips

Tired of having to dry the bathroom floor after the kids had their bath? The Bissell Quick steam will suck the water up in no time! It’s fast, easy and takes very little effort.

I found that going over the soiled areas with the Quicksteamer filled with a spot cleaning solution a few times, then letting it sit, will save you from going on your knees to use a spot cleaner and brush. It won’t work every time but this shortcut will spare you time and effort in some instances.

Although Bissell prescribes only using their cleaning solution we found that any solution will do the job. Some consumers even reported using vinegar mixed with water to remove smells from carpets with success.



    • Very affordable price.
    • Sturdy enough to last.
    • Easy to maneuver because of the big wheels, light weight, and narrow sucking area.
    • Being upright, small and light weight makes it very easy to store in limited spaces.
    • No bells and whistles means it is easy to use and that you don’t have to fiddle and puzzle out complicated attachments.
    • The Bissell Quick steamer instructions manual is written in plain English and doesn’t make you feel that you need to take lessons in gibberish.
    • It is ideal for dealing with spills and accidents because it is so easy to use. Just add cleaning solution to the top tank and you are ready to go.
    • Due to the great suction power your carpets will be dry within hours.

This machine was made for light cleaning, to deal with small stains as they happen and keeping cleanish carpets clean. Use it for this and you’ll love your Quicksteamer.


    • The small size of the water tanks means that you have to replace the cleaning solution more often that in a regular sized machine.
    • The 9” narrow suction area means that you will have to make more passes and it will take longer to get an area clean.
    • You will have to pre-treat spots and stains to get the best results.
    • The brushes are stationary and only does a light surface brushing when passing over an area.
    • It doesn’t steam. It uses warm tap water to shampoo floors and carpets.
    • The electric cord sits on the right hand side of the handle and tends to get in the way.
    • Foam and dirty water can bubble and leak from the collection tank when full or when moving too fast.



The basic Quicksteamer model will cost you as little as $80, whereas the model with rotating brushes will cost up to $108. This is excellent value for money.

Visit the Bissell Quicksteamer models page (Amazon) to see the different models and their prices at this time and to find the latest discounts.


What else do you need?

The beauty of this machine is that you don’t need any extra’s or special attachments. You do, however, need to replace the two bottles of cleaning formula you receive with your Bissell after a time.

Bissells’ detergents are concentrated and although you will pay for a regular size bottle it will last a long time and is great value for your money. Click here to see a list of Bissell cleaning solutions available from Amazon.

I found that the Bissell 2X Pet Stain and Odor Advanced Formula is really effective when dealing with animal accidents and urine smells.

On the Best carpet cleaning solution page you take a look at other cleaning solution brands you can use and also learn how to make your own.



Bissell Quick Steamer models:

(These models aren’t available any more)

Bissell Quick Steamer Models
Bissell Quicksteamer Purple 2090

The Bissell QuickSteamer Purple 2090 have all the features that made the QuickSteamer models popular and is still available for sale.
Click on the image to have a closer look.

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