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Bissell 1132A Symphony

Bissell 1132A Symphony
All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Bissell 1132A Symphony

The Bissell 1132A Symphony, a vacuum cleaner and steam mop rolled into one, is the machine everyone who loves clean floors dream about but does it work?

What is all the hype about?

Should you be getting one to ensure that you have perfectly clean floors with much less effort?


In this review of the Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop we will be looking at what it is all about and show you the good and bad.

Features of the
Bissel 1132A Symphony

The most important feature of this handy machine is that it vacuums and steams at the same time or if you choose you can first vacuum your floors before steam cleaning it.  This is a great time saver since it eliminates an extra step and extra machine from your cleaning process.

The Bissell 1132A Symphony machine is meant to clean bare hard floors eg. tile, laminate, marble and hard wood floors (that are well sealed) but not carpets or rugs.  It will be able to vacuum debris like cereal from rugs and carpets but it wasn’t designed with carpets in mind.

It is a cyclonic vacuum designed to separate dry dirt (dust and particles) without the use of a filter.  In plain language this means that you are able to effortlessly shake the vacuumed up stuff from it’s container without having to struggle with cleaning a filter or dealing with the icky stuff.

The cord is a handy 25 feet long, the handle is collapsible and has 5 height settings for your comfort and the pad tray is removable for easy cleaning and storage.

Bissell 1132A Symphony filter

A big plus is that you don’t have to use cleaning solution with theBissell 1132A Symphony because using steam is the ultimate cleaner in that it kills most bacteria.  The steam function is ready to use in under a minute and you can either use the low or high setting to deal with different kinds of cleaning needs.

The water tank that holds 400ml water is build in and a handy measuring cup is included.  It should be more than adequate to clean an average sized house. 

It is recommended that distilled water is used instead of tap water to prevent corrosion and extend the life of your machine.

The Bissell 1132A and Bissell 1132 is exactly the same except that the “A” is blue and the 1132 is red.

UPDATE:  Bissell released an upgrade called Bissell Symphony Pet

Have a look at a home made video I found that shows the Bissell 1132A Symphony in action:




It is very easy to put this machine together. The handle retracts to make it easy to store and has 5 handy height settings. There is a snap on and off foot peddle release that makes taking the pads off to wash super easy. Unlike most other machines it can stand up on its own.

The control switches on the handle are upside down so that you are able to see it right side up when you looking down on it when you are operating the machine.

You don’t need to use cleaning solution with the Bissell Symphony as using the steam function is the perfect sanitizer. Steam will kill 99% of bacteria.

There is a handy little pocket in the cleaning pad where you can insert a fragrance disk to leave your floors smelling nice.

Customers are reporting that this is the driest steam mop they have ever used. The wetness will evaporate in around a minute instead of the water sitting on the floor like with some other steam mops.

It will air dry very quickly even if you keep the machine over a dirty spot for longer to ensure a deeper clean.

This machine is heavier than a steam mop but lighter than a vacuum. Customers report that they like that it is slightly heavier so that it doesn’t slide too easily and lightly over dirty spots (in comparison to other lightweight steam mops) when you need to go slowly.


There is no on/off switch.  The machine turns on and off when you plug it in or plug it out at the power outlet.  You get used to it but it might surprise you when using the machine for the first time.

When dirt like grass clippings gets wet from the steam mop it will be difficult to vacuum up as it usually turns sticky when wet.  It is therefore always a good idea to vacuum first when you are dealing with that kind of debris and then steam afterwards. 

The Bissell 1132A Symphony is not for heavy duty cleaning.  It does very well for light dirt and everyday maintenance cleaning but won’t do miracles when you are dealing with a really dirty floor.  Have a look at the McCulloch if a heavy duty steam cleaner is what you need.

Some customers reported that opening the water container is difficult as it clip closed very tightly.

Bissell 1132A Symphony


If you don’t like handling and putting the dirty re-usable pads in your washing machine you can instead use disposable pads made by swifter. There is a plate for attaching throw away pads and another plate for attaching washable pads.

Bissell 1132A Symphony pads

When cleaning wood or laminated floors use the low setting and keep the machine moving at all times to prevent discoloration from keeping the hot steam in one place for too long.

If there is water leakage make sure that you aren’t overfilling the tank and that the pad holder is snapped in placed correctly. Getting these two steps right will usually easily sort the leakage problem out.

Bissell 1132A Symphony Disposable Pad

When you are dealing with sticky icky messes or extra dirty floors use Swiffer Bissell Steamboost disposable pads instead of the regular washable pads for everyday use.

The Swiffer pads are ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors as they lock in dirt and have a lovely fresh fragance. When you are done just throw them away and you are done.

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