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Best Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker

On this page we are looking at the best pressure cooker that are available to you on the market. To compare pressure cookers and then choose the best pressure cookers from among them is not an easy task.

To make this elimination process easier for you we did the work and research for you!

We decided to focus on the 6 quart size since that is the most used pressure cooker when preparing a medium sized meal. It is just the right size to fulfill most of our basic pressure cooking functions.

We looked at features that will suit basic home cooking requirements, the most popular and best sellers, those with the highest ratings, and finally but most importantly, we looked at what consumers had to say.



After extensive research we picked three pressure cookers: Fagor, Presto and Cuisinart.

Read about the best pressure cookers below:


Although the series of Fagor cookers are very similar and are all equally good we decided in the end that the Fagor Splendid is our top pick. It is a basic pressure cooker without the usual confusing bells and whistles. It is reliable and will last for years to come.

Best Pressure Cooker Fagor


  • These easy to clean, dishwasher safe cookers are made of stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish.
  • The heavy bottom of this cooker has an aluminum coil bonded into it to make even heat delivery possible and ensure the best possible use of energy.
  • The black, durable plastic handles are cool to the touch. A short handle on the opposite side makes lifting a heavy cooker much easier.
  • Several safety measures are in place:
    (1) The locked lid can’t be opened until the pressure has been released.
    (2) There is a pressure valve in the control settings.
    (3) There are two independent pressure release valves.
  • You have of two pressure settings; 15psi for regular dishes or the 8psi for more delicate dishes.
  • You have of two pressure settings; 15psi for regular dishes or the 8psi for more delicate dishes.
  • This cooker can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction surfaces.

What consumers said:

When looking at the consumer reviews it became clear that this is a cooker that is much loved and much used. Many reported still using their Fagors very happily 30-40 years later.

Complaints were centered on not following the instructions and thus using the cooker wrongly. The only real issues we could find were about the badly written manuals being very generic and not model specific.

Most described the consumer services as being unhelpful, slow and basically a waste of time.

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The Presto is our close second choice. It could have reached that best pressure cooker rating if it wasn’t for the issue with the screws . It is a no frills, basic but excellent pressure cooker that will also last for a long time.

Best Pressure Cooker Presto


  • It is made of polished stainless steel that has a tri-clad bottom to make even distribution of heat possible.
  • It is dishwasher safe and can be immersed if the seal and overpressure plug is removed.
  • Pressure is maintained automatically and it is much quieter than the old pressure cookers that used to sound like a hissing dragon in the kitchen.
  • Several safety measures are in place:
    (1) The lid will only unlock after the pressure has been released.
    (2) There is a pop-up pressure indicator, a steam release mechanism and an overpressure plug.
  • It can be used on gas, electric, smooth top and induction ranges.
  • The instruction manual is exactly what is needed to help you understand how to use this cooker. The recipes included with it is easy to follow and delicious.

What consumers said:

The one prominent positive about this cooker is that is a quality cooker at a very affordable price.
It is easy to operate, cleans easily and is build to last.
Their customer service is efficient and replacement parts are easy to find and affordable.

The main complaint is about the screws used to attach the handles to the pot. They tend to loosen over time making the handles wobbly and unsafe and also rust since it is made of aluminum.

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This is a step away from the above no-frills pressure cookers in that this is an electric pressure cooker that is very easy to operate. It is as simple as program, walk away and come back when the cooking cycle is done. It is safe and easy.

Best Pressure Cooker Cuisinart


  • This cooker is made of brushed stainless steel, is non-stick and dishwasher safe.
  • Besides being a pressure cooker it can brown, simmer, sauté and keep the food warm after completing the cooking cycle.
  • It is fully programmable with various cooking options making the whole process automatic.
  • The build-in thermostat will control the cooking process.
  • The build-in 99 minute timer is very handy.
  • It is safe and you don’t need to watch over like other cookers.

What consumers said:

When looking at consumer opinions it is clear that this cooker is one of the most popular cookers available today.
It is so much more than an ordinary pressure cooker and the added bonus is that it is fully automated. You can program it and only need to return to it after the cooking cycle is completed.

Some consumers complained about a factory defect and that meant that they had to go through the effort to exchange their cookers.
The manual and recipe book is not much help being very generic and vague.The highest pressure setting is only 10 PSI making it slower than a regular pressure cooker. You’ll need to add about 30% to cooking times.

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