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The Benefits Of Infrared Sauna

The Benefits Of Infrared Sauna

We will look at the benefits of infrared sauna and how using one of these will no doubt improve your life for the better. I’m sure that the health benefits of a sauna will remain a major factor when deciding whether to invest in one or not.

There are many health benefits of using Infra red saunas, however, before we delve into them the first thing you should know what exactly is an Infrared sauna.

An infrared sauna emits an infrared radiant heat which is created by infrared heaters and is absorbed by the human body.

The difference between traditional and infrared saunas is that with a traditional sauna, the air is heated and the body is heated indirectly. However, with an infrared sauna, the body is directly heated.


The infrared sauna emits rays that are like that of the sun, however the UV radiation is filtered out. The radiation goes into your skin and tissues and heats “you” up rather than the environment around you.

The frequencies of these rays are long wavelengths which enable them to penetrate deep into your body. The infrared sauna is also called the far infrared sauna and is widely promoted by many people, one of which is Dr. Oz which we have seen many times on the Oprah Show.

So what are the benefits of infrared sauna?


The Advantages of Infrared Sauna

First of all, it is great for helping weight loss. According to Dr. Oz, “It gets your heart to beat faster, and it burns calories.”

The heat of the rays helps as well. The circulation in your body is improved which increases your heart rate.

By increasing your heart rate, you are in effect exercising your heart which when done regularly leaves you with a strong and healthy heart.

The same effect which is achieved by other physical activity like running or exercising is simulated by infrared saunas.

Another benefit which arises is sweating! Sweating helps you to get rid of toxins within the body and aids in detoxification. This helps to purify your skin and make you healthier. The effect of infrared rays on your skin has many great outcomes.

The rays help to replace skin cells and get rid of impurities in the pores of your skin. They also help to remove dead skin cells.

In fact, with regular infrared sauna therapy many skin problems improve. People who suffer from acne, psoriasis, eczema and burns show a lot of improvement over time.

In many cases the scars from surgeries or wounds are reduced. Your skin becomes softer, smoother and your skin tone improves.

In many cases the appearance of cellulite is improved as well. Cellulite is caused by excess water, fat and waste products in the body.

The infrared sauna penetrates deep into your tissues to help get rid of these from within your body and speed up the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Actually, the benefits of infrared sauna are very similar to those of a traditional sauna. However the difference is that they simply create better results!

The infrared sauna can improve your immune system, speed up recovery from sport injuries, give you an increase in energy and reduce stress.

Since we have covered the many benefits of infrared sauna, it is only fair to have a look at the disadvantages.


The Disadvantages of Infrared Sauna

Well, an infrared sauna does not generate any steam. If you rely on the steam for helping with respiratory problems and asthma, the infrared sauna isn’t for you.

Many people use a sauna because it helps them relax and a major component for creating relaxation is of course the steam. Some people report that an infrared sauna just doesn’t provide as much relaxation as a steam sauna does.

Therefore, it is simply up to you and what is more important in your life. Both types of saunas are great to use and will no doubt increase the quality of your life.

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