Benefit Sauna Steam: The Benefits of Steam Sauna

Benefit Sauna Steam:

The Benefits of the Steam Sauna

What are the benefit of Sauna Steam? There are many benefits of a sauna which will be discussed in this article including the controversial topic of sauna related weight loss and the true benefits of steam sauna.

The primary effect of using the sauna is of course sweating.

When we sweat, several things happen. For one, heavy metals such as mercury and lead are excreted by sweating which can take the kidneys 24 hours to do. Lactic acid is also excreted through sweating and so reduces stiff muscles and fatigue.

Losing weight by using the sauna is a controversial issue. Some say it is a myth and some say a fact.


You can lose weight through sweating because by doing so, you are losing calories. Some people sweat off 300 calories or more in one session at the sauna.

However, note that the majority of the weight lost isn’t fat! It is mostly water and will be regained after you leave the sauna and drink fluids. Relying on a sauna to lose weight isn’t a good idea.

Infrared saunas are given more credit for weight loss, so you can also check out the benefits of infrared sauna which are slightly different from traditional saunas.



Detoxification is a great benefit of sauna steam since it gets rid of harmful toxin from within the body is very important.

We ingest so much processed foods and polluted air that toxins lodge themselves deep within our bodies and become the source of disease and many health problems.

An infrared sauna can help the body to detoxify as the energy is capable of warming the tissues deep within your body which can enhance your metabolism.

This benefit of Steam Sauna causes better elimination of toxins and the infrared sauna does a much superior job in this respect than the traditional type.


Improves circulation and Strengthens Immune System

During a sauna session, your heart rate increases between 50% and 75% which creates an effect similar to that of physical exercise.

The heat causes your blood vessels to expand and your circulation improves. Your pulse increases as a result more blood is pumped per minute and some of the extra blood goes to your skin.

Note that even though sauna use creates the effects of exercise to some degree, it should never replace physical exercise!

So what happens when there is extra blood flow to your skin? The increased flow allows nutrients to be moved to and absorbed by your surface tissue which aides in cellular growth. This translates to healthy skin!

What about the immune system?

According to Hippocrates:
“Give me the power to create fever and I will cure any illness”

The sauna simulates the effect of a fever within your body. When you get ill, one of the more common effects is getting an actual fever. The sauna simulated fever actually stimulates your body to increase its production of white blood cells, antibodies and interferon.

In effect your body gets a “trial run” so that when you do actually have a real fever it is more capable of fighting off disease and illness.


Mental Health and Muscle Relaxation

The benefits of steam sauna seem endless. Many people report that after using the sauna they feel balanced, relaxed and mentally ready to face the world.

It is capable of stimulating our senses and bringing back a sense of calm. The enhanced blood circulation causes the release of endorphins in our brain which is responsible for making us feel happy.

Since the sauna’s steam causes your body to release lactic acid, then muscle relaxation is another great benefit. The dilated blood vessels allow more oxygenated blood to flow to your sore muscles which facilitates faster repair and soothing.


Skin Care

One of the many causes of skin problems stem from clogged pores. The steam opens up your pores which allow the oil and sweat that once clogged them to be released.

With regular use, the sauna can help you combat conditions like acne and blackheads. Because of the increased blood flow and repair of your skin cells, your skin will look healthy and vibrant.

However, if you have certain skin conditions that get aggravated by sweat, then you certainly should refrain from or consult your doctor before using a sauna.

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