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Basement Sauna Review: A Close Look At The Basement Complex (Gay Sauna)

Basement Sauna Review:

A Closer Look at the
(Gay Sauna) Basement Complex

The Basement Sauna Complex is a UK gay and bisexual sauna that has three main locations: Manchester, Leeds and Gran Canaria.

The specific addresses and phone numbers for each location is as follows:


7 Heaton’s Court
Telephone: 0113 242 7730
Fax: 0113 242 7726



The Basement Complex
18 Tariff Street
M1 2FN
Telephone: 0161 236 8131

Gran Canaria:

Basement Complex
Avda De EEUU 37
Playa Del Ingles

The best thing about this sauna is that it is open 24 hours of every day. So if you’re looking for some entertainment any day at anytime you can checkout the Basement.

This is a member’s only type of sauna but you can join on your first visit. Unfortunately the databases from Leeds and Manchester are not linked so you will have to register separately for each.

When you visit the Basement, there are safe and secure locker rooms for you to use that have CCTV.

You also have full use of the showers and are provided with free soap and shampoo. There are many amenities to enjoy which include saunas, steam rooms, lounge, tv room, massage room and an internet access point.

The steam rooms are comfortable, inviting and can hold up to 20 persons. The Basement complex has very few rules as they try to achieve a hedonistic and voyeuristic environment.

So if you’re on the shy side … this place probably isn’t for you. Nudity and fetish wear is encouraged here and it is actually one of their rules! You must be naked or wear sexy fetish type outfits.

So what are people saying about this sauna? Individual reviews:

• 2.5 out of 5 star rating,

• Some consumers found that some facilities don’t work properly,

• Not a very clean environment,

• Rude clique-ish staff,

• Has a lot of dark areas,

• People are friendly,

• Overall, most found that the facilities could be better and cleaner.

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