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Steam Cleaner Reviews

Best Carpet Steam Cleaners, Mops and Sauna Reviews

Are you considering buying a steam cleaner?
Need a bit of help with deciding?
Want unbiased information and reviews?

Always cleaning but never getting things really clean?
Worried about the standard of hygiene in your home?
Dealing with allergies?

You came to the right place:

Welcome to the #1 Website for detailed steam cleaner reviews and information on the best carpet cleaners, mops, saunas, steam rooms and shower reviews.

Our purpose with our steam cleaner reviews here at best-steam-reviews.com is to help you make the best choice that suits your individual needs. We do the hard work (unbiased research) and you make the final decision.


Here at Best-steam-reviews.com we aim to make your life easier. When choosing a steam mop or cleaner all you have to know is your individual budget, cleaning purpose and preferences!

We offer our unbiased reviews that were specially designed to help YOU make the best choice possible. We don’t only cover the major brand name steam cleaners.

Some of the best steam cleaning equipment and best carpet cleaners are not the most famous brands or the most expensive ones!

Why should you consider steam?

Why the focus on steam products and steam cleaner reviews?
Steam is the best contender when it comes to Green and environmentally friendly cleaning. Not only is it eco-friendly but it actually does a much better job than traditional cleaning!

Think green, effective and safe!

Green earth


Also, for those who suffer from allergies, steam cleaning is the perfect solution since no harsh chemicals are involved.

The vapor which is heated at high temperatures quickly kills dust mites and sanitizes hard to reach places.

Types of cleaners:


There are a whole variety of different types of cleaners/mops:
Floor and carpet steam cleaners, portable, commercial, and all purpose cleaners.

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Choosing the correct steam cleaner, carpet cleaner or mop can be quite confusing given the wide range of different brands: Shark, Euro Pro, Hoover, McCulloch, Ladybug, SteamFast, Vapor Clean, Bissell and others.

The best way to make sense of it all is to choose a brand name that you know and trust and to read the review of the model you are interested in. Then decide what is best for you.

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Steam isn’t only for cleaning!

Our focus is not only on steam cleaner reviews but also on saunas, steam rooms and shower reviews.

Steam can not only be used for cleaning … but also has many therapeutic and health benefits. These include and are definitely not limited to helping the body get rid of toxins, cleansing the pores of the skin, improvement in blood circulation, stress relief and relaxation as well as strengthening the immune system and much more!

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We cover all of the known as well as lesser known brands and reviews on individual saunas, steam rooms and shower models.

Our mission here is to provide you with expert reviews that not only cover the functions and features of the product. We aim to give the most comprehensive reviews by covering the pros and cons, common issues as well as comparisons with other products with similar brands/types/ features and price range.

We simply refuse to “candy coat” any product and only seek to be your #1 source for accurate steam product reviews.

Consumer reviews on a product are always changing … and because of this, we constantly update all of our reviews!

All of this is done to ensure you always know everything about everything about that steam cleaner/mop/sauna or shower you have your eye on.