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Scunci Steam Cleaner:

Scunci Steamer Reviews, Accessories & Parts

Welcome to the Scunci steam cleaner reviews. We will review the Scunci SS1000 and Scunci ProSteam Steamer on this page.

The brand Scunci is one that you may be familiar with as they produce a wide assortment of hair and beauty products. They are also the manufacturers of steam cleaners and we will review 2 of their famous steamers.

They have created lightweight, pressurized steam cleaners that are capable of melting away the mold, bacteria, mildew and grime.

The Scunci SS1000 Hand held steam cleaner

Scunci Steam Cleaner

This handheld steamer is powered by 1,000 watts of power and is able to clean and sanitize without the use of harsh chemicals.

It can be used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, windows, tiles, counters etc. You can even use it to refresh and clean your fabrics and upholstery. It can even remove wrinkles from your clothes or curtains.

Each one of these Scunci steamers comes with a host of attachments. These include: water refill funnel, extension hose, nozzle, nylon brushes, window squeegee and bayonet tip.

The cord is 15 feet in length which allows for sufficient movement. This Scunci steam cleaner will cost you around $40 -$60.

There are many consumer reviews on this product which we shall now dive into.

The major concern with this steamer is that appears as though consumer’s expectations are a bit high. This steamer does not suction up dirt and you will have to use some of your own “elbow grease” to clean.

It loosens the dirt which allows you to wipe it away and is especially true when cleaning grout; it will still take some effort.

There also seems to be some cases, where people have received defective Scunci steamers which account for many of the negative reviews. If you believe you received a defective steamer, it is imperative that you return it to the store, get a refund or an exchange.

Many people are extremely satisfied with this steamer but have found that after prolonged use the handle becomes warm to touch.

Another great use for this steamer is that it can clean your jewelry! Simply place your jewelry or silverware on a doubled paper towel and steam away. You will find that the dirt simply slides off, leaving your jewelry and utensils looking brand new.

Scunci SS1000 Hand held steam cleaner with attachments

The Scunci ProSteam Portable Steamer

This powerful canister type Scunci steam cleaner is much more powerful than the previous hand held model. It sports 1560 Watts of power and is ideal for cleaning a wide range of surfaces.

You can use it to clean just about anything, from detailing your car and boat to cleaning your BBQ grill.

Scunci Steamer

It has an 18 foot power cord as well as a 33 ounce water tank. The steam indicator light lets you know when it is ready for use.

It is lightweight at 9 lbs and is easily portable on its sturdy caster wheels.

You can clean for up to 45 minutes on one tank of water and it even has an on board accessory storage.

The accessories include: window squeegee, nylon and copper brush, floor nozzle, extension tubes, water refill tunnel, measuring cup and shoulder strap.

One thing to note about this steamer is that parts can be difficult to source, your best bet to finding what you need is through Ebay.

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