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Carpet Steam Cleaning Equipment & Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines Reviews

We look at carpet steam cleaning equipment and machines that can be used in your home, office or factory.

This article will detail all of your options so you never have to make an uninformed choice ever again!

There are simply hundreds of different brands and models of steam cleaners available.

They are mainly separated as the following:

• Portable/ Hand Held: These are for light everyday household use such as cleaning or sanitizing toys, utensils, mirrors and other small objects.

• Steam Mops: These are for cleaning floors which include hard floors like tile, marble, ceramic etc.

• Mid Range Steam Cleaners: These are the models that you can use just about anywhere around the home. This is the most popular category as you can use them to clean your floors, carpets, windows, grills, patio furniture, bathroom surfaces, grout, kitchen surfaces and anywhere else that your imagination carries you. These are the main models which are highlighted on Amazon and offer great value for your money.

• High Range Steam Cleaners/ Semi Professional: These models are a hybrid of the home steam cleaners and professional range steam cleaners. These are for the home owner that wants a deep clean and is very strict about their home’s sanitation. These models are a lot more powerful, they deliver more steam at higher temperatures and pressures and offer more in the realm of cleaning technology. They can also be used in small offices and businesses. Brands include Ladybug and Vapor Clean.

• Professional Steam Cleaners: These are a half step up from the Semi Professional type of steamers.

• Commercial and Industrial Strength: These are the proverbial bodybuilders in the world of steam cleaning. They can be used in restaurant kitchens, industrial factories and just about any job that requires a lot of “muscle.”

In this article we will have a look at the Commercial and Industrial strength carpet cleaning equipment. We have more than adequately covered the hand held, mid, high range and professional level steamers and you can check out some of our carpet steam cleaners ratings for steamers that fall into this range.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

Steambrite Carpet Steam Cleaners

This company which originates in Australia is one of the leading distributers of carpet extractors, carpet cleaning equipment, truckmounts and other carpet cleaning tools.

One of their newest and most powerful mammoth of a carpet steam cleaner is the Steambrite MFG: 3047 Dragon Multi Use Truckmount. This machine is aptly named as it is certainly a beast of a machine.

You can use it to clean roof tops, car engines and undercarriages, kitchen vents and air ducts, tile, grout, pressure washing and just about anything else you want it to do.


The second company we will look briefly at is Duplex. This company can provide a wide range of cleaning products for all your professional and industrial needs. They have specially designed cleaners for cleaning restaurants, hotels, caravans, campsites and much more.

Do you have a restaurant? Then you might want to check out Duplex’s Jetvac Professional and Thermoglide steam mop. These only two products are all you need to get all the floors and surfaces in your restaurant completely cleaned and sanitized.

Have a hotel? Then you can try their Duplex Floor Scrubber. Check out the video below:


Daimer is one of the most well known brands in the steam cleaning world. They have a wide range of industrial type carpet cleaners which include:

The XTreme Power® XPC-5700,
XTreme Power® XPH-5800T,
XTreme Power® XPH-5900i.

You can compare these 3 models side by side here

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