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Black And Decker Steam Cleaner Review

Black And Decker steam cleaner reviews and tips for making the most out of your Steambuster.

The History of the brand Black & Decker started with two young entrepreneurs, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker who founded the company in Baltimore, Maryland as a small machine store.

Today, the company has grown to become a top producer of products used in both the home and industrially. The reach of their products extend far into the reaches of over 100 countries where lies the majority of their market. The company produces mainly a wide variety of household appliances and power tools.

Black & Decker has only produced one product that can fall under the category of a steam cleaner which is the Black & Decker SV1000R Steam Vac. This Black and Decker steam cleaner was built with the capability of easily steam cleaning stains from off of carpets, upholstery and floors. It easily vacuums both dry and wet messes without the use of chemicals.

It is extremely light weight and easy to use as it fits comfortable in the palm of your hand. By using steam, this ensures that the stains are not able to seep deeply into the carpet and cause a permanent stain. It also does not leave behind any residue which may cause more dirt to be attracted to the area.

The black and decker steam cleaner is compact and has a 15’ cord which enables you to use it in any part of the room. It comes with a squeegee and upholstery brush and can even function as a dry hand vac. It weighs less than six pounds and dimensions measure 18.3 x 7 x 6.7 inches.

There aren’t a lot of reviews of this product however, I shall discuss both the good and bad that consumers have outlined.

The Good:

Consumers were satisfied with both the steam output and suction that the steam vacuum provided. They found it very easy to hand, cheap at $19.99 (in Walmart) and quite handy when cleaning small stains and spills.

Most people found that the Steambuster overall did a good job and cleaning and enjoyed using it as both a steamer and dust vac.

The bad:

Some customers found that the model was not very reliable and stopped working after using it a number of times. Otherwise from that, there were no other complaints.

Quick Fixes:

Sometimes if this machine has been sitting for awhile, you may experience some problems where the steamer stops working. This could be caused by the vacuum relief valve getting stuck. You can easily un-stick the valve by filling the tank with water and plugging it.

Then, turn the vacuum so that the plug is facing downwards to the floor. Use a small stick, or un-curled paper clip to push the center hole of the vacuum relief valve in and out until the water begins to flow. The valve is a small gray disc on the face of the tank. Your steamer should now be operational.

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