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Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Reviews:

Top 3 Best Carpet Steam Cleaners

Need a great steamer?

We help you choose the best carpet steam cleaner for you. This article presents the best steam carpet cleaner and the best rated carpet cleaner that will be perfect for your home or office.

Carpet cleaning is a very serious matter. They cover the ground in our homes, offices and just about any building. The fact is that carpets come into contact with our shoes and feet, and as a result are exposed to countless bacteria, dirt, germs and harmful microorganisms.

Keeping your carpets clean is therefore paramount to the good health and cleanliness of every home.

Throughout history, there have been many methods of cleaning carpets which include sweeping, vacuuming, shampooing etc. However, the most effective method is steam cleaning and hot water extraction. Therefore, the best carpet cleaners that we will delve into use one or both of these cleaning methods.

Our reviews are based on a comparison between consumer reviews, customer ratings, price, features, quality and performance. This will ensure that the cleaner you buy is an investment rather than just another cleaning tool!

The #1 Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Based On Consumer Reviews:

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900

Best Carpet Steam Cleaners

This is a very versatile and powerful steam vacuum that is capable of cleaning both carpets and bare floors with the exception of hardwood floors. It is extremely affordable at around $150 and has a 4 star Amazon rating. The features include:

• 12 Amp motor

• 5 spinning brushes (SpinScrub) technology which is used to brush and clean your carpets and floors.

• CleanSurge feature. This is a special feature that allows you to spray a concentrated dose of cleaning solution on a specific area e.g. a stain for extra cleaning power.

• 2 different transparent water tanks to separate the clean and dirty water.

• 8 foot hose

• It releases a stream of hot air along the cleaning path which quickly dries your carpets.

• The detergent and hot water are automatically mixed, so you don’t have to do it.

• You can use it on upholstery, carpets, stairs, rugs and different types of floors.

There are many reasons why customers love this Hoover Steam Vac. At a low one time price, you have the cleaning power of an entire cleaning service at your beck and call. No need to call Stanley Steamer or any other cleaning service ever again!

Customers have found this steamer to be very powerful with great suction. You don’t have to worry about wet carpets. You literally see the dirt being sucked up from the carpets and the texture and color of your carpets will show a stark difference.

It works great on carpets that are exposed to pet stains and pet hair. The CleanSurge feature works beautifully to remove just about any stain.


With over 5,000 positive reviews… this is definitely our # 1 carpet steam cleaner.

2. The Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Based On Features And Capability

Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer

This Hoover is a model that was created to handle anything and just about everything. The features include:

• 12 amp motor

• Dual V Technology: This function ensures that the vacuum has full suction across the entire width and length of the nozzle. This is also the wide path model which gives 20% extra brushing action.


• SpinScrub Brushes and hand tool: This model has two different types of brushes as well as 3 different settings for different cleaning needs. They are perfect for scrubbing your carpets and can even pop out for easy cleaning later.

• Heat is applied directly to the floor or carpet where it is needed the most

• Automatic mixing of detergent and water

• Auto rinse technology which immediately rinses your carpet and floors which ensures detergent is not left behind

• 30 foot power cord, soft wheels and carry handle for easy transport.

• Attachments include: 8 foot hose, 13 inch transparent nozzle, edge cleaners, squeegee for the floors, removable tool caddy and SpinScrub hand tool which is great for spot cleaning.

• Can clean your carpets and any other hard floor surface

• 4 Star Rating

Consumers loved this steamer because they were constantly awed by how much dirt it extracted out of their carpets. It is “simply amazing” are the sentiments echoed by many users. It is extremely easy to put together and use as the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

3. The Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Based On Features and Capability

Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner, 9400


• 12 Amps

• 10 rows of brushes which power clean your carpet. You also don’t have to worry about your walls getting scratched because Bissell has designed innovative edge sweep brushes which allow you to clean next to the wall.

• 12 inch cleaning path

• Patented built in heater that ensures temperatures don’t reach over 190 degrees. You can turn the heat on and off as desired.

• Dirtlifter Powerbrush rollers which were specially designed for greater cleaning capability. It lifts the dirt out while simultaneously grooming your carpet’s fibers. It self adjusts to the height of your carpet due to its floating suspension to ensure that the fibers of your or carpet are never crushed.

• Custom clean feature is simply the best when it comes to customizing your cleaning experience. It automatically mixes the Bissell cleaning formula with water to create different strengths of cleaning liquid: heavy traffic, normal clean, light clean and rinse.

• This is an amazing steamer that takes carpet cleaning very seriously! It is also very affordable.

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